Nothing New about Elections

Since the beginning of the semester, I rode the bus in silence and walked around campus unnoticed. This week, it seems everyone has been miraculously stricken by the social butterfly. You see, it is election time. This is the time students who have considered running for a well-known position on campus become your “bestie.”

All of a sudden you can’t get into the cafeteria without being bum rushed by students with campaign fliers. All you hear is how they are a good candidate and how their platform points are so strong.

First off, I don’t understand why people who run for positions on campus waste their money on fliers that decorate the school’s trash cans, sidewalks and stairs. They spend all this money to give away free stuff and make themselves seem like the perfect candidates. I love free stuff; so why not take your free stuff and say, “Yeah, I’ll vote for you” and then walk away and not even vote?

Campaigns on campus come across as phony.

Not once have you spoken to me in class, waved at me while walking around campus, or asked me how my day went. And now you want my vote? I know it’s supposed to be a secret until it’s time to reveal yourself as a potential candidate, but you could have at least acted like you were my friend during the fall semester or the month before, so it wouldn’t seem so fake. Now, all of a sudden you know my name and I’m worthy of an insincere “Hey, girl.”

This year’s candidates overall seem a bit dry. There’s no excitement or competition rather. There are just robotic bodies that smile when you walk by and hand you fliers. It’s politics, people. They go around and sell you things that cannot be realistically done. Many of them have one main focus and that is to earn the flashy title. Some are not in it to make a real change. Some believe that they have the “look” to be on the royal court and sadly, that’s what many students base their vote on.

What angers me the most is that once that person gets the position, things go back to the way they were. I will go back to riding the bus in silence and walking around campus unnoticed.

Candidates will suddenly have amnesia and won’t recall you being on their campaign team.

Once again they forget you exist and you become invisible to them.