Local Artists Paint Nightlife

Who would have ever thought of the idea of painting an artistic design on a human being? Graceyy Mayer did. 

The name of her business is Tallahassee’s Painted Ladies. Mayer was young when she discovered her passion for finger paint.

“I always had a face paint set as a child,” said Mayer. “In my high school years, I was always drawing on myself with paint markers.”

She started off painting just her two best friends, fully nude in just pasties and a thong, for events like Menace Beach, Diplo at 20/20, and other Engine Room concerts.

Mayer’s business was getting bigger than what her and her two best friends imagined – having fun on the weekends.

“I never thought it could be anything more than just a fun thing to do once in a while on the weekend and maybe get into the concert for free,” Mayer said. “I was just so proud and happy that people were positively recognizing my artwork and encouraging it.”

“I feel that it is an expression of art through the process of using the body as a canvas, however I do believe it should be presented in a private area,” said Randy Bailey, a senior fine art student from Panama City.

Painted ladies consist of women being nude under the paint.

“It is not only for ladies. I have painted many males (faces, torsos, arms, legs) for events, but I have yet to come to a satisfied conclusion as to what to do about nudity with males. I guess it really just depends on the environment and the person,” said Mayer.

Mayer said her mission is to spark people’s interest by the movements of living works of art. It is also clear that these women are not erotic dancers; some are trained, but most are spontaneous regulars of the party scene who want to participate.

Each girl works individually with Mayer to come up with creative designs and themes to make them feel comfortable and pretty in her own special, paint-covered way.

“My favorite is the psychedelic swirly eyeball. I am drawn to this symbol almost inherently, and when I paint it on a girl’s stomach, chest, or back, I don’t even consciously think about what I’m creating,” said Mayer. “It’s almost like it flows out of my hand, onto her skin, from my unconscious.”

Tempest Williams, a third-year graphic design student from Gainesville, said the idea is brilliant and should not be looked at any less than art.

“I don’t feel like using the human body as a canvas is degrading,” said Williams. “We all come in this world naked so it’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

Tallahassee Painted Ladies host The BASSment every Saturday at Floyds.

“It’s actually an amazing night because it incorporates local talent (DJs Mark Starr and Taylor Shockley) and the crowd is really a melting pot,” said Mayer.

For more information on Tallahassee Painted Ladies contact Graceyy Mayer at 732-829-9094 or visit www.facebook.com/tallahasseepaintedladies