Litter of Participants Clean Up Campus

Homecoming festivities left quite a mess on Florida A&M’s campus.

Several dozen students gathered together and rolled up their sleeves to discard the debris from homecoming. Different student-based organizations were represented in the 2011 Rattler Fever.

The clean up is held the Sunday following every homecoming game.

Despite a light drizzle, students walked around with gloves and garbage grabbers to fill trash bags and place them in dumpsters.

Students participated and gained a sense of pride in being able to give back to the school without writing a check.

“As long as I’m helping someone, it feels good, and this is for a great cause,” said business student Rodrick Carpenter.

Students showed their school spirit and put together different groups responsible for cleaning Bragg Stadium, the Set and the track. They worked from about noon – 4 p.m.

“It’s important to have that balance,” Student Body Vice President Troy Harris said. “Everyone goes out on Saturday night, that’s a part of homecoming, but people need get up on Sunday and help.”

Harris said the rain and the lack of publicity the event received might have been a factor. However, he said offering incentives and getting more clubs and organizations involved should improve student attendance for next year.

History professor Spencer Tyrus has participated in the clean up for the past seven years and is an active volunteer in the “Set Friday” clean up.

“Even with visitors here this weekend, this is our school,” said Tyrus. “It is our responsibility to clean up.”

Students and faculty weren’t the only participants in the clean up. FAMU’s plant operations donated gloves, trash bags and a truck with an attached cart to carry the large trash bags to dumpsters.

“As dirty as a job this is, it feels good,” said graduate student William Dobbins with trash in his hand.