Don’t Settle for ‘Main’

Ladies, what makes us settle for those nicknames that are almost like the real thing but not quite? Maybe it’s the satisfaction of having a title at all or because some women don’t really care about what they are called. Whatever the case is what you answer to is what he will continue to call you and by he, I mean whoever you consider to be your significant other.

While some may argue that titles aren’t significant, they are. They certainly aren’t everything but they mean something when it defines what someone means to you.

Allowing ourselves to be content with these titles just for the sake of having one is unfair to us. Somewhat similar to wifey is the term “main.” When people use the word “main,” I immediately I think to myself main what? It doesn’t clearly state your significance in his life. I don’t know about anyone else, but my problem is what that term implies.

Main does not mean that you’re his one and only and quite frankly doesn’t mean that you’re special to him. It implies that there is a second, third and maybe even a fourth girl, but you just happen to be number one—for the moment. Your time and the effort that you put into the relationship you have or the one that you are trying to build is worth more than that. So, the next time he refers to you as his wifey, main or whatever name he may feel is befitting at the time, ask him to be more specific and give you a real title.