Students Digitize Business

Two Florida A&M School of Business and Industry students, Andre Albritton and Jerell Hester, wanted to change the look of Tallahassee’s shopping scene for college students.

After almost three months in business and 18,000 website views later, Tally ET provides college students with every event Tallahassee has to offer.

“We stepped out on faith and created a business even after we were told that starting a business in an economy like this would potentially be a bad business endeavor,” said Albritton.

From $5 poetry nights to 50 percent off deals at local boutiques, Tally ET keeps students up on what is happening around the town.

“Tally Et came to us because we realized after being in Tallahassee for four years there is always something going on,” said co-founder Hester. “We decided to create the website.”

Tally ET promotes and advertises restaurants, upcoming events and local boutiques. ET is now providing cards to college students to receive discounts off purchases at various businesses around the city. The cards are free for businesses and only $5 for students to purchase.

Some of the businesses include All in 1 Beauty Supply and Accessories, YOUnique 1 Boutique, wireless communications and a variety of other businesses.

“I really appreciate what the guys are doing with the discount cards,” said All in 1 owner Hershel Roby. “This helps promote our business and get our name out around the city.”

A calendar of events has been arranged for students to view on the website. If anything is going on in the city, Tally ET is well aware of it. Students can also send in event information to be posted on the website to