Washers Spin into the Future

Imagine watching a Monday Night Football game with friends and receiving a text telling you that your white clothes are done in the wash cycle. What if you could sit on your couch and check to see if there is a dryer available in the laundry room?

More than 2,400 Florida A&M students who live in on-campus housing are enjoying high-powered and high-tech laundry machines in their dorms. These new smart machines that are connected to the Internet, also help the environment by reducing water and energy use on campus.

At first glance, these newly renovated laundry rooms could be mistaken for an entertainment room with flat screen television screens.

FAMU announced this summer that Mac-Gary equipped the laundry rooms with new energy efficient washers and dryers and their new “Change Point” micro-payment system.

According to Jaccequelynne Maxey, interim director of auxiliary services, Business and Auxiliary Services partnered with the housing department to renovate 10 of the 12 laundry rooms. The renovation included the installed Ethernet drops; drain lines and supply lines were replaced; the laundry rooms were painted; new flooring; old lighting was replaced with new energy –efficient lighting.

Also, plumbing and electrical utility bulkheads were constructed to accommodate additional washers and dryers. For instance, Cropper Hall previously had two washers and dryers for 106 residents. They now have four washers and four dryers, university officials said.The new washers and dryers are connected to the Internet, which allows for residents to pay for each wash or dry cycle with debit card, credit card or coins.

As a bonus, the machines are equipped with the “Laundry View” 3-D monitoring system, which allows students to check the availability of washers and dryers from any web browser before going to the laundry room. The monitoring systems also allow for students to receive a text message after their laundry is done

“Everything is new and clean, and it’s more convenient,” said freshman Chris Street, a mechanical engineering student as he washed his clothes for the first time.

According to Maxey, Mac-Gray‘s financial investment is about $161,359: $125,846 – 66 new Energy Star rated high efficiency washers and 67 dryers, which included delivery and installation; $11,537 – four new bill change machines with pedestal bases: $20,112 for 11 change transaction units; $3,364 – for laundry room accessories such as folding tables and seats.

They spent an additional for $500 for student promotions and marketing education, including 26 sets of instruction signs with special decorative frame.

Sampson and Young, the newly remodeled men’s dorms, also are equipped with the new high-tech washing machines.

The modern machines made the reopened dorms even more impressive for the 238 students who moved in this semester.

“I’m just glad that I was able to be the first one to use these machines,” said Arif Beach, a freshman business administration student, who was washing clothes in Sampson’s facilities. “It was better then I expected.”

For more information about the new machines, go to www.macgray.com.