HawthoRNe Flatlines Early

It happened during a staff meeting, while the opinion editor was going over her budget. At first I thought I heard her say HawthoRNe was canceled, but then I heard, HawthoRNe was canceled. I kid you not. To my surprise the meeting went on as if nothing happened, I totally tuned out, (don’t tell the E.I.C.).

To my co-workers this was just some show that was being canceled, but to me, it was a bit more. This show was the reason why I would go to work an hour early, so that my manager wouldn’t dare ask me to stay an hour later.

This was my escape mechanism from reality TV that has taken over our world. I wasn’t interested in who was the new joke of the week on “Basketball Wives,” nor did I care about the newest member who graduated from “16 & Pregnant” to enroll into the “Teen Mom” series.

Tuesdays were all about seeing what obstacles Christina, played by Jada Pinkett, was going to overcome that episode. It was a black woman being in charge, coming up on her own, and not taking anyone’s no for an answer. Christina was “bad.”

I may have a thing for Christina’s love interest, played by Michael Vartan, and it did not hurt the ratings when they cast Derek Luke.

Nonetheless, HawthoRNe was a great show; I enjoy watching shows that have a plot-line, with real writers. Shows usually don’t get cancel if they are making a great deal of revenue, and I’m having trouble believing that HawthoRNe didn’t have the ratings.

Yes it is true that my co-workers didn’t even flinch at the horrible news, my best friend cut me off and continued with her joke, and my mother in the thickest Haitian accent you can imagine asked me if I believed Madea was a woman the first time I watched a Tyler Perry film. HawthoRNe is canceled.

We finally have a primetime television show with a strong black female protagonist, and it’s cancelled.

I say we protest like fans did for “The Game.”