Moore makes all-conference rookie team

5-10 freshman combo guard Avery Moore doesn’t fit the typical prototype of a stellar basketball star. With two pairs of socks and a pair of high tops the dangerous long distance scorer probably is closer to 5-8 but, that didn’t stop the Tallahassee native from making the MEAC’s All-Rookie fist team.

Moore first heard the news of being named to the All-Rookie team while traveling to the MEAC tournament.

“I got a lot of text messages wishing congratulations before we even played that weekend,” said Moore. “I was a little confused at first.”

Moore’s expectations for the season where set pretty high for player who did not initially make the starting five. Even after being named to the conference’s All-Rookie team Moore fell short of his pre season goals.

“My goals were to make all-rookie team and all MEAC team. I made one of my goals, said Moore. “I’m kind of upset I didn’t make the rookie of the year.”

If Moore seems over confident in his ability it’s because he has been a winner on the court since he was a Raider at James S. Richards high school. Moore lead the 2010 3A Championship team to an undefeated season.

“While I was at Richards I was the go-to man,” said Moore.

Being the go to player on a state championship team, to reserve player on Rattler team that finished 12-20, was transition that Moore looked forward to.

“I wanted to compete to get the time,” said Moore. “Coach Harris told me everybody is important on this team and your time is going to come and my time came.”

Coach Eugene Harris eventually placed Moore in the starting lineup and Moore became the Rattlers best long range shooter scoring over 10 points per game in the 2010-2011 season. However, Moore was still responsible for his freshman duties off the court.

“The coaches made me and the other freshmen clean out the locker room and stuff like that,” said Moore.

Coach Eugene Harris was fired shortly after the Rattlers were one and done in the MEAC tournament. Moore says experience after his freshman year has taught him to not take anything for granted.

“I don’t believe anyone’s position is safe in next year,” said Moore. “Every year you have to earn your minutes and your spot on the team, no matter the coach”

The confident freshman has already set his pre season goals for his sophomore year, without knowing who his head coach is going to be.

Moore said, “I want to win MEAC tournament and, be named to the all conference team.”