FAMUAN Face-Off: It’s a Plant; So What’s the Problem?

Let’s mention one thing straight off the bat. This article does not promote drug usage or the general idea that drugs as a whole should be legal. But in the case of one drug, marijuana, I ask why not? There are many whose attention I now hold in the palm of my hands because I mentioned their favorite past time. Others are looking on to see if there is a confession coming (Hi, mom).

I will admit that madam Mary Jane and I have had a pleasant exchange or two, but this is college.

Find one person who hasn’t tried it here and, while they won’t win anything from me because I’m a broke college kid, they will have my unwavering admiration. This, however, leads me into my first point. There is no way to stop the mass consumption of the product by the general population, so why not make a profit off it for the country’s sake?

A better question might be, has prohibition ever decreased usage? My guess is no. Just another shot in the dark, but I believe prohibiting the drug increases its usage (i.e. “the forbidden fruit” effect). A prime example would be the 1920’s prohibition of liquor. Making moonshine became profitable nationally after alcohol was banned by the government. People found innovative ways to produce and distribute moonshine for years.

One of the major factors that increase consumption is the “no restrictions perk” that come with getting high on marijuana. Because there are no age limits, taxes or companies to validate transactions, people start the hobby long before they can even buy a pack of cigarettes. Liberty also serves its purpose in my argument. At what point does this hobby put anyone in any real danger when done in the comfort of your own home?

Is it really any more dangerous than the liquor privileges that people abuse daily? So it won’t kill you.

Drugwarfacts.org claims that in 2006, there were 22,073 alcohol-related deaths as opposed to zero in the marijuana column. So, hitting joints until you

can no longer feel your lips is a bad route for suicide hopefuls. My final plea is a more simple, yet fool-proof, reason for people to just get off the “kill the pot smoker”

tirade: FOOD. Yes, people, food. Glorious food. If you don’t know, the most common side effect of a post-marijuana session is predator-like hunger.

Some may know this by its alias, the munchies.

I have never witnessed men and women more willing to sacrifice their own children for two McDoubles, three small fries and a sweet tea.

This is my solution to the recession in simple steps:

1. Legalize Marijuana

2. Sell it to people 18 and older

3. Reap the benefi ts of the food consumption revenue

4. Let people decide whether the thrill of doing something legal is still fun.

Happy 4/20, everyone.