List: Top activities to do over the summer

1.      Sleep: We are in college and sleep deprivation comes with the territory. Time to get all those missed hours back.


2.      Eat: Good home cooked meals are just within reach. No more fast food, café food or Orange room food…until fall semester.


3.      Exercise: Some of us had the advantage of having schedules that made it possible for us to go to the gym, the rest of us…didn’t. So why not take this chance to hit up the gym or go jogging around the neighborhood to get that beach body back. Speaking of the beach.


4.      Beach: With all the beaches Florida, and other states have to offer why not take advantage of them with friends or family. Get some sand  between your toes and some sun in your life.


5.      Amusement parks: The state of Florida has many amusement parks for your every need. Water parks, animal parks, movie parks. Just take your pick.

6.      Internships: Internships look good on your resume. Summer is the perfect time to get started.

7.      Hobby: Pick up a hobby to occupy your time. Photography, painting, sewing anything. The possibilities are endless.


8.      Soul searching: Find out who you are. That simple. Do some yoga or pilates to help get you to that place of “nirvana” if need be.


9.      Volunteer or get a job: Why sit around all day. Volunteer at your local Boys and Girls club. Or try to get a summer job somewhere. Point is… Make yourself useful.