FAMU Restructuring: Pros and Cons

With so much controversy surrounding Florida A&M’s impending restructuring, The FAMUAN Staff has put together this list that we think argues the good and bad about the university’s plan to cut programs and staff in the face of looming budget cuts.


Pro: Restructuring would improve the training of new hires at the

university. So, under Ammons’ restructuring proposal this would

improve the God-awful customer service FAMUans dread.

Pro: Efficiency is one of staples of Ammons’ restructuring plan. The

combination of certain programs into re-organized colleges and schools

could save the school millions of dollars.

Pro: The transformation of the Environmental Sciences Institute in to

the School of Environmental Sciences will undoubtedly enhance the

university’s mission to produce graduates with math and science-based


Con: What the proposal is missing is a comprehensive five- or 10-year

plan for the struggling Developmental Research School, including

turning it into an incubator for the types of graduates the university

wishes to matriculate in the future.

Con: With the termination of foreign language as a major, how are we

as a university and as students supposed to keep up with other

students in a now global work force?

Con: Keeping the Hip Hop Institute, but getting rid of the masters

program at the School of Journalism and Graphic Communications. In

what way is hip hop more important than grauduate majors? Should we

call and ask Common? Don’t worry we’ll wait…