Retool Your School: Don’t Pass This Up

As a fellow rattler it bothers me that many students on our campus are not aware or informed about influential and positive news and events. Retool Your School is a way for our school to earn money to enhance the way FAMU looks and operates. Last year we received a $10,000 grant for FAMU’s first green space.

This year if we are in first place we will receive a $50,000 grant which will go towards FAMU’s New Beginning, this will fund the first solar energy system on our campus. Talk about being proactive and going green! This will not only make FAMU more appealing, but more ecologically conscious. If FAMU is not number one but still in the top ten, we are

still eligible to win another $10,000 prize from Retool Your School.

This $10,000 prize will go towards outdoor lighting, building repairs and enhancement of the New Beginning’s facility.

It is imperative for everyone to do their part and vote for our school daily. This is grant money that will not come out of student fees or our renovations budget, so we don’t have to worry about the financial aspect of it. If we have any school pride or dignity we must stand up and take action.

I am not only writing this article to students but to faculty members as well. If we can go out on the set and rally and scream and holler to vote for Mr. and Mrs. FAMU then we can do the same for this cause. I decided to see just how many students were not aware of such a great cause. Brandon Dixon, a second-year business administration student

from Cleveland, said he knew nothing of this effort but upon receiving more information he will be more than happy to do his part.

Josh Price, a second-year criminal justice student from Fort Lauderdale, said he too did not know about the retool your school project and suggested that flyers should be posted around campus so more students will know about it. FAMU we must do better, if we as individuals don’t do our part then we as a whole can never succeed.

I urge everyone to go to The FAMU Homepage and scroll to the bottom of the main page. At the bottom there will be a link that says Vote Now! The Home Depot Retool your School. Click on it and VOTE!