It Was a Good Race, but Let it Go

You would think that after the headache of elections and the bliss of spring break the rest of the semester would be smooth sailing. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Chelsea Earby is challenging the results of the Ms. FAMU results. Apparently the landslide win for NaKena Cromarite wasn’t enough. James Frierson a third year finance student from Detroit, said “Chelsea ran a very effective and fair campaign. She deserved the title of Ms. FAMU but was robbed. I believe she won the hearts of the people on this campus and the sad part is I doubt anything will be done about it.”

This is very heartfelt response but I’m pretty sure this has been said about past candidates. When election season comes around its mostly two reasons why people run; to have a title or to be in some organization. It’s all about opportunity anywhere you go and the people on this campus are opportunist and you have to respect their hustle, but this challenge is somewhat of a waste in some eyes.

Shehannie Wong, a second year business administration student from Pasadena, Calif., agreed.

“She’s a sore loser because she lost by a significantly large margin of votes,” said Wong.

Some may think the same way as Wong, but then you have to think, was it really a true win? The first time the ballots were counted Chelsea was the winner, but good old FAMU recounted the votes. In the end, NaKena won as stated before by a landslide.

Does that sound fair? No, not at all, so I can see the reason to challenge. If I was a candidate and won the first time by having 1000 more votes than my opponent and then losing after the run off, I would question it as well. More than likely the majority will vote the same way. There is a chance that voters changed their minds but then again we don’t know. But this has happened plenty of times. Students who count the votes always feel the need to recount the votes, when there was a clear winner.

This is something I have never understood. Why do we have run-offs? What is the purpose? It seems to me the people who count the votes really have the deciding factor. I can see why Chelsea would want to debate the results of the win. If I spent money on flyers and U-Haul trucks to ride around campus the day of elections to get my face out there and I didn’t win, I would be mad about the results too. I’m sure this isn’t her motive to challenge the results but that would be fuel my fire.

If Chelsea is confident in going to trial about the results to the spring elections then two thumbs up but I truly believe that it is a waste of time. FAMU students who have a little power do what they want. If she has time to run again then do it. If this is something dear to her heart to recruit future rattlers then try again next year or be more involved in being a student ambassador. Show some determination, don’t look for pity. There have been candidates that have tried two, three times, even after they were in the organization of their choice.

They didn’t give up. Be the true rattler and “STRIKE STRIKE and STRIKE AGAIN!” Until then lay back on the debating because you may not get what you want in the end. Instead of worrying about being Ms. FAMU, worry about finals that are coming up. Worry about your studies, I mean isn’t that the real reason for coming to college.