FAMUAN Face-off: Jordan vs. Keenan on Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day might just be one of the most evil things in existence.

Known as Singles Awareness Day to about 56 percent of the planet (just a guess), Feb. 14 is a day no one, not even those in relationships, completely enjoys.

Why is Valentine’s Day synonymous with “execution day” these days?

Perhaps it’s all the pressure. If you’re an ideal boyfriend you’re pretty much screwed. Most good guys will use the defense, “I’m a good boyfriend 24/7. What do I need to prove on Valentine’s Day?”

Women will counter with, “You still need to step it up.” How one might “step up” a perfectly solid relationship is beyond me.

A great woman is faced with a similar argument. Plenty of guys will expect a dinner or some kind of extreme gesture of love, even if the puff up and say they expect absolutely nothing when asked.

This also raises the unique question of how on earth is a woman supposed to cook for Valentines Day while a man is expected to take his girlfriend out to dinner. I guess people just put on the pounds and chalk it up to love.

For me, Valentine’s Day is a day to reflect. I take a good look at my relationship and wonder what I can do to make it better. In some cases I look at what I can do to help maintain the current level of

feeling the relationship produces.

Valentine’s Day should never be a day where one compares his or her relationship, or lack thereof, to everyone else’s. Take some time out and just look back at what went wrong or right and plan


If you’re a good boyfriend then be a good boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. If you’re a strong woman then be a strong woman on Valentine’s Day. Going out of your way to prove yourself with some grand gesture

of love on Feb. 14 will depress you.

Here’s a thought: Perform a grand gesture of love on Nov. 19. Or maybe on July 22. Pick a random day to be the best significant other you can be. Make every day a “Valentine’s Day.” Tell your girl you are lucky to be her Valentine every day.

Ladies, please, let your man know you care as well.

Valentine’s Day will mean something again when every person takes the time out to remember it’s about the love you have for someone else.

That love doesn’t just pop up during February.