List of pros and cons concerning health care


1. Pro: Young adults can stay on their parents insurance until they are 26: Most of us are not going to be able to afford health care when we graduate, so this helps.


2. Con: “Free” health care really isn’t free. Its paid by taxes, which means higher taxes for the American people:This is just one more nail in the constant “taxes for Americans” coffin. 


3. Pro:   Patients with pre-existing conditions can still get coverage:  Most of us already believe that insurance companies are full of heartless beings that get off on telling people with pre-existing conditions they can’ be covered. With the health care reform being implemented it doesn’t matter if you have a condition or not, you’ll still have coverage.

4. Con: Like Canada, patients may have to wait longer for treatment: We already wait 30-45 minutes at the doctors office, well can we handle waiting two to three hours for a check up.


5. Pro: Health care can become more affordable:  Self explanatory.


6. Con: Those who are healthy and who take care of themselves will have to pay the burden of those who are not so healthy: This may seem selfish, but how many of us  truly want to take on the baggage of someone else’s medical problems? None.


7. Pro: Small businesses can insure that all of their employees will have coverage: One big issue that many business have today is that they can’t cover all their employees, so they downsize leaving people not only without insurance but a job as well.


8. Con: With everyone being covered some Americans will commit “moral hazards:”Meaning, they will do riskier things knowing that they will be covered if, and when, they get injured.