EIT prepares for student registration rush


On Tuesday, the iRattler system began allowing students to register for spring semester courses. Many foresee issues with the system because of the large enrollment this year.

With Florida A&M having a student population of over 13,300, students and faculty are getting adjusted to the largest enrollment in the school’s history.

In previous semesters, students have experienced problems with registration, and for some, even understanding the software. The Office of Enterprise Information Technology, located in Lee Hall, is the mastermind behind OurFAMU, FAMmail and any other university database assessable to students and faculty.

“EIT uses the best technology solution available today,” said Arthur Bialowas, manager of information security. “This includes employing the industry leading PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Suite, which is recognized as the most responsive and comprehensive student administration and alumni development system among its competitors.”

This may be confusing to those not as knowledgeable about technology, but these programs are used to run OurFAMU and are fully equipped to handle the strenuous task ahead.  

“EIT has worked this year to keep large scale issues to a minimum,” said Bialowas. “The team is able to predict when and to what degree system resources will experience peak intervals by reviewing and analyzing registration periods over several years. EIT’s technical staff and IBM are always notified in advance when increased system usage is anticipated.”

Students are encouraged to take advantage of early registration and check accounts regularly for any holds or miscellaneous items that may deter the process. The EIT office also stressed the importance of getting advised by your academic advisor, as well as setting up your iRattler profile within the updated OurFAMU.

Michael James, Director of Application Management Campus Solutions System plans to guard the campus from any adversity surrounding registration.

“EIT also expects that there will be heavy demand on the system as we approach the early registration period.  Accordingly, the Division has worked and continues to work very closely with our application service provider, IBM, to ensure that the system performs well during this critical period.”

Students are advised to seek help from faculty within their school or program, as well as from the information helpdesk located in the Dyson Pharmacy building.