Home sweet home: Live blog

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The football team will face South Carolina State tonight in the Rattlers’ home opener.  The kickoff will be in approximately 15 minutes.  Stay tuned for live updates, commentary and analysis from the game.


The Rattlers (2-2 overall, 2-0 in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference) suffered a 29-18 loss to Tennessee State University last week.  The South Carolina State Bulldogs (2-1 overall) are coming off a bye week.  This is a pivotal game for the Rattlers as they try to remain undefeated in conference play.


The first series was a quick three-and-out for the Rattlers.  The Bulldogs will takeover at their 34-yard line. 


South Carolina State’s WR Lennel Elmore is off to a fast start, he’s caught two passes in the Bulldog’s first series. 

(0-0, 11:00 1st) 


The Bulldogs put the first points on the board.  Kicker Blake Erickson just made a 38-yard field goal attempt for South Carolina State.

(0-3 SCSU, 10:35 1st)


The Rattlers made a huge stop on third down and the Bulldogs are now forced to punt.

(3-0 SCSU, 5:46 1st)


FAMU is backed up on its own 2-yard line to start the drive.  RB Phillip Sylvester just made a three-yard run to give the Rattlers a little breathing room.

(3-0 SCSU, 4:55 1st)


RB Asheton Jordan just broke a 10-yard run against the Rattlers’ defense.  There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing defenders not wrapping up.

(3-0 SCSU, 1:45 1st)


The first quarter has just come to an end.  There hasn’t been too much production from either offenses.  It was a low scoring first quarter, but things could pick up at any moment.

(3-0 SCSU, end of 1st)


WR Isaac West just let a pass slip through his hands, luckily it wasn’t picked off.  

(3-0 SCSU, 12:00 2nd)


The Bulldogs have a solid running back tandem in Chris Massey and Asheton Jordan.  They’re running all over the Rattlers. The Bulldog’s QB hasn’t had to do too much today, except hand the ball off to his backs.

(3-0, 8:15 2nd)


The Bulldogs came up short on a first down.  They are going for it on on fourth and 1.  The Rattlers forced a fumble and DB Anthony Shutt recovered the ball.

(3-0 SCSU, 2:48 2nd)


Let’s see if the Rattlers can put some points up before the half.  Both defenses have looked impressive but the Rattlers’ offense looks in sync on this drive.  The Rattlers are on the move with the ball on the Bulldog’s 42-yard line.

(3-0 SCSU, 1:44 2nd)


QB Martin Ukpai just threw his first interception of the game.  The pass was intended for WR Isaac West.

(3-0 SCSU, 1:00 2nd)


The Bulldogs will send their field goal unit out to try to get three more points on the board before halftime. The kick is good Blake Erickson.

(6-0 SCSU halftime)


QB Eddie Battle is under center for the Rattlers.

(6-0 SCSU, 13:00 3rd)


WR Lennel Elmore torched the Rattlers on a 35-yard reception that put the Bulldogs on the 50-yard line.

(6-0 SCSU, 11:00 3rd)


Kicker Blake Erickson drilled a 41-yard field goal attempt to extend the Bulldog’s lead.  It seems like this guy has been kicking all night.

(9-0 SCSU, 6:41 3rd)


The Rattlers are still scoreless in the third, QB Eddie Battle has stepped in for Ukpai and the offense still cannot get anything going.  They were forced to punt and the Bulldogs will get the ball on their 21-yard line.

(9-0 SCSU, 3:23 3rd)


WR T.J. Lawrence limped off the field after a punt return.  The Rattlers can’t afford to have him miss significant time, he is one of the team’s weapons on offense.

(9-0 SCSU, 1:45 3rd)


WR Lawrence is back on the field as the third quarter draws to a close.  With one quarter left to play, this game is up for grabs.  The Rattlers will have to start passing at some point if they want to get the ball down the field quicker.

(9-0 SCSU, end of 3rd)


QB Eddie Battle threw an interception to start the quarter.  The Bulldogs’ LB David Erby picked the pass off.

(9-0 SCSU, 14:38 4th)


QB Malcolm Long scored on a one-yard touchdown run for the Bulldogs.  His score is the first touchdown of the game.

(16-0 SCSU, 8:13 4th)


DB Darius Drummond picked off a pass attempt from QB Eddie Battle.  The interception is Battle’s second turnover in this quarter.

(16-0 SCSU, 7:40 4th)


Blake Erickson made his fourth field goal of the game from 42 yards out.  It looks like the Bulldogs are trying to pull away from the Rattlers now.

(19-0 SCSU, 5:14 4th)


QB Austin Trainor is stepping on the field now.  He is the third quarterback to come into the game for the Rattlers tonight.

(19-0 SCSU, 5:01 4th)


That’s the ball game.  The Rattlers were shutout by the Bulldogs, and they lost their first conference game of the season.  The Rattlers are now 2-3 overall and 2-1 in the MEAC.  South Carolina State is now 3-1 overall and 1-0 in the MEAC.