Obama addresses student journalists

President Barack Obama hosted a conference call on Monday for university-student journalists addressing issues that affect young Americans. 

The president discussed hot-button topics such as the rising costs of college tuition, healthcare and the future of the economy. 

“Our classrooms, professors, administrators and students will drive the future success of our country,” said Obama.

In addition to the economy, the president went in-depth on his plans to improve the state of higher education in America. 

“In a generation, we’ve fallen from 1st to 12th in college graduation rates for young adults,” said Obama. “If we’re serious about building our economy and succeeding in the 21st century, the single most important step we can take is to make sure every young person in America has access to an education.”

Obama also reassured younger Americans, especially soon-to-be college graduates that improving the economy so that ensuing generations of Americans will be able to pursue their career goals, remains his administration’s top priority.