Ammons hosts campus forums


Today President Ammons will address and listen to the university community at campus forums. Three different sessions will be held for staff, faculty and students at 9 a.m., 10:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. respectively in Lee Hall Auditorium.

Events that encourage communication between Ammons and the campus community are not new. Last year, Ammons held “Dorm Dialogue” at the dormitories to speak with students about various issues in addition to meetings with faculty and staff.

When asked about the purpose of such events, Sharon Saunders, Florida A&M’s chief communications officer, said that they allow the president to update the campus on and discuss concerns. The information from the forums allows the president to “better assess” the achievement of his goals.

Students agree with Ammons’ decision to hold these meetings and are interested in attending.

“Even if I had class, I would make some arrangements to come,” said Derrick Standifer, 19, a third-year history student from Atlanta. “How many times does a student at FAMU gets a chance to speak to the president of the university? This is like the golden opportunity.”

Other opportunities to meet with President Ammons are currently in development.