Marching 100 receives call from ESPYs

Florida A & M University made history in July.

Months after being featured in the Super Bowl, the Marching 100 was showcased in yet another major sports night.  This time, the ESPYs came calling.

The band rehearsed 3 times a day for  3 weeks to prepare for this momentous occasion.

“I was excited and honored to know that the Florida A & M’s band was handpicked to perform at such a venue. It shows that we are watched and enjoyed by everyone across the nation.” said head drum major, Ahmad Newbold.

The whole band was not permitted to go. Dr. Julian E. White, conductor of the band, selected thirty band members from the brass and percussion sections and 3 staff members.

“When the plane finally landed, I was in amazement and excited about the
opportunity that I’ve been blessed with,” Newbold said.

The band wasted no time preparing for the show. The first course of action was practice.

“It was more of a business trip. We checked into the hotel and went to rehearsal for 3 hours,” Newbold said.

White did allow for the band to have the rest of the evening off. The next day, however, was another intense practice.

The band played selections from some of the artists that were in attendance — Gucci Mane, Laws, Mario and Waka Flocka Flame — while Flame himself rapped to “Hard in the Paint,” and “Oh Lets Do It.”

“Our performance was amazing. The crowd and the entertainers were really thrilled about the fact that we were there and added our FAMU flavor to the show,” White said.