Students seek alternate housing out of necessity

Incoming students must fend for themselves and rush to find housing before the upcoming fall semester due to a lack of on-campus housing.

Students are being referred to nearby properties for housing by the university, because there is no room for them.

“It was to my understanding that I would be housed on campus in the fall. About a month ago, I received a notification about my not having a place to stay,” said Camille Davis, an 18-year-old student from Virginia .

Properties like University Courtyard and Adam’s Pointe are filling up and parents are angered that some of the economically-friendly housing facilities have few vacancies.

“Luckily my mom was able to sign a lease with University Courtyard. When we reached them, they were 97 percent full. I was also lucky to have leased for $395 a month for the fall,” Davis said.

As of the publishing of this article, University Courtyard is 100 percent full. Many parents were willing to lease with them due to their specials.

“Inclusive in the $395 monthly payment is the cost of utilities, amenities of the club house as well as a fully furnished unit,” said Alesia Ware, a leasing specialist at University Courtyard.

“We are not full at Adam’s Pointe yet…we are encouraging students to come and check out our 3/3, fully furnished upgraded unit for less than $500,” said Michelle Hunter, an assistant manager at Adams Pointe.

Though the nearby properties have specials at the moment, some parents are still upset that they have to rush at the last minute to find housing for their children.

“CP time has ruined a lot of promising opportunity and exacted much ill appropriated energy which could have been better expended elsewhere,” said Michael Anderson, a Miami native.

He referenced “CP” as “chaotic people.” He and other incoming students share a displeased view with the chaos FAMU, in their opinion, has created.