Tyler Perry’s sequel, “Why Did I get Married Too” worth seeing

Tyler Perry’s “Why Did I Get Married Too” has been the center of much deserved buzz. The romantic comedy takes the audience on an emotional rollercoaster.

The movie begins with four couples planning their annual trip to the Bahamas. Like most films the plan is for everyone to go and vacation in peace. Cliché but popular, that is nothing like how the story unfolds. Secrets are revealed, trust is broken and relationships are put to the test.

All eight original actors return to their roles as couples. The melodramatic film begins with comedy to ease viewers into a comfortable state of mind and the second half is filled with heartbreak. Some pain is too much for a relationship to handle and the other couples weather the storm and remain together.

In the second half of the film, Ms. Jackson indulges in destructive activity by breaking a room full of glass furniture with a golf club. Odd moments such as that one are frequent in this humorous film. This film has a uniqueness, which is similar but more shocking than the first, “Why Did I Get Married.”

She is not the only character to go on a vengeful raft. The bouts of violent fits are in a sense excused further supporting the normalized popular behavior that we have all become desensitized to.

People who have been in long-term relationships, or who are currently married or divorced can relate to this film. It is for a more so mature audience due to its complexity. However, the film still has Tyler Perry written all over it. From hotel rooms to hospital rooms, the cast will keep viewers anticipating the next scene.

Looking for some entertainment right up the alley of comedy, romance and drama well this is the film for you.