TCC student arrested on Wahnish Way

An unidentified suspect in a black Buick La Sabre was pulled over after driving erratically Thursday night around 7:30 p.m. on Wahnish Way directly in front of the parking garage on Florida A&M’s campus.

Deputy Sheriff Sergeant Yown, an officer from the Leon County Sheriff’s department, initially believed that this would be a routine traffic stop.

“It’s just a normal speeding ticket. Sorry it’s not something more exciting,” Yown joked. She soon discovered that the arrest was no laughing matter.

Upon his arrest, police discovered that the suspect had prior convictions and removed a handgun from the vehicle for further inspection.

According to Sergeant Yown, he was formally charged at the scene with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and driving with an expired tag.

The suspect’s name was not immediately available Thursday night but Yown identified him as a Tallahassee Community College student. He is described as a 5 foot 7 inch African American male with dark skin, close-cropped hair and facial hair wearing a white tee shirt and jeans.

An acquaintance of the suspect arrived at the scene but was unwilling to comment on the situation.

The Famuan will bring you more updates as details surrounding this story continue to develop.