College students living an eloquent double life

Shocked. Appalled. Disgusted.
Those are the three words used to describe an email my friend opened on Sunday. He wanted to share the latest flick, which allegedly feature FAMU students.

I thought that he was talking about the typical gossip reports that seem to get passed around Florida A&M. Imagine the surprise when my eyes saw a young woman bent over engaging in lewd acts.

What have we come to? What has the state of our students come to? The college of love and charity has never been a place where such behavior is tolerated. The students who embarrassed the name of FAMU should be expelled.

According to the student code of conduct, “The President of the University or the Vice President for Student Affairs may expel, dismiss or suspend any student when the student’s conduct is detrimental to the university and involves disruption of the university process or is dangerous to the health, safety and morals of the University community.”

This incident certainly falls under the category of damaging the morals of FAMU. There is no room in this situation for moral ambiguity. There have been times where this university has tried to work with a student to ensure that in spite of their actions they can remain here. This should not be one of those times.

If a student makes the decision to have sex that is their business. If a student makes the decision to have sex on tape that business becomes public. If a student makes the decision to have sex on tape, place it on the worldwide Web and then attach FAMU’s name or mascot to it-that becomes the business of the university.

If these people are FAMU students and this is not a prank, then the university community must make haste to make sure that the integrity of FAMU is preserved. FAMU has always exemplified excellence with caring. The actions of these students show that they do not care about the way this university is perceived and thus should not be a part of it.

How dare the university community sit back and watch our beloved FAMU become the laughing stock of the media. Allowing incidents such as this to tear at the moral fabric of FAMU will make this familiar institution an unfamiliar place-a place where we become apathetic and cavalier to the actions of a few that damage the whole.

Disclaimer: The Famuan has not verified that the students in the circulated video are FAMU students. However, people who said they were FAMU students in the video were interviewed, but would not go on record about their participation.