A tough dilemma: which country is in more need Haiti or Chile?

Haiti’s earthquake was a shock to many and the help they received was tremendous.

In the Star Phoenix, writer Rory MaClean interviewed Jen Peterson, a Canadian spokesperson for the Red Cross.

“Since Jan. 12, the Humanitarian Coalition has jointly raised approximately $13 million, Red Cross more than $120 million across Canada so far, with $90 million from individual donors alone,” said Peterson in the interview. The United States raised more than $256 million for Haiti relief.

Canada and the United States can raise as much money for disaster relief in Chile, if not more. Recent reports stated more earthquakes will hit other cities in the U.S. and other countries. CNN’s Anderson Cooper predicted Indonesia; Seattle, Wash.; Iran; Tokyo and Los Angeles, Calif. will be hit with earthquakes this year.

The U.S. should help all places that suffer from natural disaster, despite the extent of damage.

For Florida A&M students like Cayla Snow, a third-year international agriculture and business student from Cincinnati, Ohio, what matters most is helping those in need.

“America is a country that is well-off and we can do more to ensure that disaster stricken areas or countries receive aid and help,” said Snow. “Funding does not necessarily have to come from the government entirely; citizens can help and so can organizations,” continued Snow.

Ileana Garcia, a third-year criminal justice student from Miami, thinks differently.

“Even though the earthquake in Chile was stronger than Haiti the damages were not as big, therefore Chile will not get as much help. [For the predicted disasters,] the cities in the U.S. should get help first.”

If Americans can come together and help Haiti, there should be no limit as to whom we should help.