Recent FAMU graduate uses her educational background to succeed

Few people who break into the music industry offer more than average talent.

Tanza Thompson, a native of Tallahassee, is a dimensional artist. She is a songwriter, singer and rapper who not only understands the importance of education, but also uses her educational background to influence her business decisions.

Born Monet Thompson, Tanza is a recent graduate of Florida A&M. She credits the institution for teaching her the essentials needed for surviving in the music industry.

“I use to think I wanted to quit school and go into the industry, but the wisdom and the business sense that I have now is because the school allowed me to trip in a comfort zone,” said Tanza.

Although she has broadcasted her talent for several years, this will be the first year that Tanza has pursued her music career full-time.

Starting out, she has made some errors in the business, but said she had to take note and learn from those mistakes.

“The industry is all about networking and I didn’t know how to [network], but I had to learn, ” said Tanza. “I thank God for every little milestone because it’s just preparation for the upcoming years.”

Tanza said her mother is one of the most influential people in her life and one of her biggest supporters. Taking on her mother’s entrepreneur spirit, she has launched her own publishing company, NuNu Publishing.

“I wanted to have the rights to my own music. Having my own publishing company allows me to optimize my financial earnings as a songwriter,” said Thompson.

The 20-year-old artist said it is her hands-on approach that makes her standout among the best.

“People wonder why I would stand out in the cold with my street team passing out fliers, but I want the best results. So if I’m out there working hard, that will motivate them to do the same. I want to look back and know that I did the best and gave my best,” stated Tanza.

Not only is it her hands-on approach that makes Tanza a force, but it is also her concentrated drive to succeed that makes her an artist to heed.

“I’m working on being the best,” said Tanza. “I recognize that there are things that I have to work on, but one thing about me is I want to be successful in this industry, so I’m going to work hard for what I do.”

The self-proclaimed “Tallahassee Princess” recently celebrated the release of her mix-tape album, “The Black Madonna”. She said the album is a reflection of her and incorporates many elements such as fashion and pop music.

Tanza said the album was in the making for approximately one year. There will be no rest for this ambitious artist.

“I have been working on my personal album in between writing music for other artists and traveling.”

With a goal to earn her first Grammy in the next five years, Tanza is currently working on her second album that will be released this coming fall.

“Many people have a lot of opportunities but they don’t embark on them, any opportunity I get, I’m taking full advantage of it. I’m serious about what I do.”