Young adult fighting is pure immaturity

Everyone knows about the fight at the basketball game featured on ESPNU two weeks ago. We either we saw it or we heard about it. Talk about embarrassing. Of course fights are not exclusive to our campus, not even close. Nevertheless, the whole situation was either a spectacle to some of us or just plain embarrassing. At this point in our lives, why do physical altercations still occur? Blatant immaturity is the most reasonable answer.

According to the Florida A&M Police Department, only two fights occurred during the 2008-2009 school year. This number may come off as shocking; however, the reason this number is low is because most fights that occur on campus go unreported or are not considered as fights.

“What may seem like a fight usually ends up as either a verbal disturbance, a physical disturbance, a public affray, batter or assault,” said Calvenia White, records manager for the FAMU PD. “However, it depends on the overall situation as to what it is classified as.”
Are these selfish squabbles really necessary for adults?

Fighting over anything at our age is just pure childishness. Many fights that do take place are based on high school level quarrels. It is highly understandable to get frustrated and angry with someone talking behind your back or crossing you the wrong way, but such is life. In fact, a physical altercation over anything other than defending oneself at our age is just plain childish.

Instead of having physical altercations and behaving like school-aged children, we should handle situations in a more civilized manner. Talking a situation over is always the best solution in defusing a fight. This can be accomplished without excess help from third parties. In other words, leave out the entourage.

Occasionally, talking it out does not seem to work. If that is the case, then just be the bigger person, forget the whole situation and simply walk away. On the other hand, if the person that you are arguing with really wants to take it to another level then let them hit first and press charges. Hopefully, no altercation gets to the point of drastic measures.
Fighting is just an unnecessary part of life that most of us have to go through. Only thing is that physically fighting over anything, no matter how small, is a part of life that we should have already gotten past.