Eight of the ten American missionaries that were arrested for kidnapping children in Haiti are back

Eight of the ten American missionaries were caught on Jan 29. trying to take the children from Haiti without adoption certificates were released today.

The Associated Press reported the group took at least 20 children after their parents consent with the Baptist’s promises of educating their kids in the U.S and letting them visit their family.

Laura Silsby and Charisa Coulter, the group leader and her former nanny, remained in a Port au Prince jail according to the AP Exchange Web site. Their release is being delayed because a judge would like them to explain their plan of setting an orphanage in the Dominican Republic as originally planned. In December they visited the Dominican Republic making plans to open an orphanage.

Haitian Judge Bernard Saint-Vil decided to let the missionary group go without bail on Wednesday. However, the group was released with the understanding that they will have to return to Haiti if the judge requests it.