Provost Cynthia Hughes-Harris announces Shawnta Friday-Stroud

Students and faculty filled the School of Business and Industry’s presentation room to listen as University Provost Cynthia Hughes-Harris announced Shawnta Friday-Stroud as the new Dean of SBI.

Hughes-Harris started her introduction by telling the audience that the search committee valued academics, management, and vision as core competences in selecting the dean.
The decision to name Friday-Stroud as dean of SBI was made after a third-party hiring agency along with a university search committee examined potential candidates.

“I feel honored, overwhelmed but excited,” said Friday-Stroud “It’s going to be a job that can’t be done by one person.”

Students and faculty both cheered as Friday-Stroud was introduced as dean for the first time.

Roscoe Hightower Jr., an associate professor of marketing in SBI said he is elated about Friday-Stroud being named as dean.

“She brings understanding, professionalism, the heart and the strength to the program” said Hightower. “Her appointment gives us a demonstrated, recognizable leader that is going to be able to position the school to go out and do big things.”

Students were also pleased with the appointment.

“I’m proud she got the position,” said Rebecca Colett, 21, an accounting student from Detroit. “I’m looking forward to her new programs, being more diverse as a school of business and having more firms come to recruit students.”

Drew Weaver II, 25, a business student with a concentration in marketing from Orlando, said he has worked with Friday-Stroud on numerous occasions and he thinks she exemplifies what SBI needs as a leader.

“She is going to bring innovation from the past to the future,” said Weaver. “I have faith that she will take SBI to higher heights.”

Friday-Stroud received her Bachelor’s Degree in business administration and an MBA from FAMU. She received her Ph.D. in business administration with a concentration in management from Florida International University in Miami. She is the former interim of SBI and is a professor of management. She is actively on the Southeastern Association of Colleges and School (SACS) Leadership Team Chair and Accreditation liaison. Under Friday-Stroud’s leadership, SBI attained accreditation through 2018.

When asked what were some of her plans after being named dean, Friday-Stroud said she plans to continue many initiatives that have already started, including recruitment and obtaining international accreditation.

“We are planning a SBI global leadership conference to reignite, energize, and invigorate our alumni to get them to invest in the program,” said Friday-Stroud. “It’s about the school and the students that gave us the right to educate.”