FAMU Green Coalition promotes workshop on how people of color will be affected by climate changes

“Do you drive a car, drink water out of plastic bottles, use electricity or otherwise contribute carbon dioxide into the environment? If so, than you — dear Rattler — are partly to blame for the earthquakes in Haiti,” said the chairman of the RBG Environmental Restoration Agency, Zarakyh Ben Ahmadiel, who will state on the FAMU Green Coalition worshop on Wednesday at the School of Journalism & Graphic Communication Lecture Hall at 6 p.m.

LaRae Donnellan, a professor at the journalism division and the FAMU Green Coalition adviser, said that the main goal of the presentation is to educate the general public about how people of color will be affected by climate change and what they can do to change it.

Ahmadiel is no stranger for some journalism students. Chelsea Matthews, 22, a fourth-year public relations student from Jacksonville said that he went once to her class to inform students about the benefits of living a green life.

” He is very opinionated. He backs his opinions with heavy facts. He was very informative on green living and where the world is going. He was very effective on grasping our class attention.”

Ahmadiel’s different approach to inform students seems to be effective. Once students hear his presentations they seek to attend events just to listen to his teachings.

Leslie Moore, 20, third-year public relations from Montgomery, Ala., said she felt enlightened and empowered after his presentation at Amen Ra’s. In addition she plans to go to the “Color of Climate Change: Why people of Color will suffer the most from global warming and what you should do about it,” seminar.