Conference challenge: Live blog

Please refresh this page frequently, all updates will come with real time stamps.


Here we are, ten minutes from tip off.  The Rattlers are going after their second conference win tonight against the Delaware State Hornets.  Stay tuned for live updates from tonight’s action.


The Delaware State Hornets come into tonights game with an overall record of 7-7, and they have a conference record of 2-1.  The Rattlers are currently 3-13 overall, with a 1-3 record in the MEAC.  Tip off will begin shortly.


FAMU has started the game on the right track.  Forward Yannick Crowder has gotten several touches in the paint early, and he’s scored a few baskets as a result.  Guard Rasheem Jenkins just hit the first three-pointer of the evening as the Rattlers have jumped out to an early lead.

9-6 FAMU


Both teams keep trading buckets and neither of defenses look impressive.  No stops, all offense so far.  Maybe the Rattlers can take advantage and capitalize.   It’s still early in the game, and there’s 11:00 left in the first half. 

10-12 DSU


Coach Harris put his subs in for a couple minutes, but now the starters are coming back into the game.  The subs played well while they were on the floor, but they failed to convert on a 3 on 1 fast break before coach Harris pulled everybody.  Guard Brandon Bryant was just fouled on a three-point attempt, and he’s heading to the line for three free throws.  Let’s see if he can convert these and trim the lead.

16-20 DSU


Don’t turn the ball over.  It’s a simple concept, but apparently it’s not as easy as it seems.  The Rattlers are still turning the ball over too much and the last two minutes of the game has been a microcosm of the Rattlers season.  FAMU has turned the ball over on three consecutive possessions, sparking a 10-0 run by the Hornets.  You can’t win without the ball. There’s 2:00 left in the first half.

23-30 DSU


Halftime.  The Rattlers are down by seven, we’ll see what adjustments coach Harris makes.  Stats from the first half will be posted once they become available.

28-35 DSU


Some first half stats:  Jenkins is leading the way for the Rattlers with 12 points in the first half.  Guard Jay Threatt is the leading scorer for the Hornets with eight points.  The Rattlers have committed 13 turnovers and the Hornets only have four.  However, the Rattlers have the edge in rebounding, 17-11.  The second half will begin momentarily.  


The Rattlers have a different look in their eyes to start the half.  FAMU has put up a couple of quick buckets, and the Hornets have yet to score in the half.  Jenkins is on the line shooting three free throws.

35-35 tied


Bryant is heating up!  He just made back to back field goals for the Rattlers and the game is still tied.  The Rattlers were having success going to Crowder early in the game, but he’s been virtually ignored since the first few offensive possessions of the game.  I can see the frustration on his face.  They need to go back to him and keep him involved, it would work in the Rattlers’ favor.

42-42 tied


Bryant scored eight straight points for the Rattlers and forward Larry Jackson just sank two free throws that gave FAMU the lead.  The Rattlers need to hold on to this lead for eight more minutes.  Let’s see what they do.

47-44 FAMU


There’s nothing more frustrating than offense rebounds if you’re the opposing team.  The Rattlers played great defense for 34 seconds, but it all went for nothing once the Hornets got the ball back after a forced three-pointer.  A little boxing-out can go a long way…

53-56 DSU


That’s the ball game, it was close but turnovers proved to be the difference once again.  I have nothing else to report.