Gaining ground: Live Blog

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Live from the Al Lawson Center, the Rattlers will take on the Norfolk State Spartans in about 15 minutes.  Stay tuned for live updates, game stats and analysis.  


After an impressive victory on Saturday night against the North Carolina A&T Aggies, the Rattlers will face the tough task of trying to slow down one of the MEAC’s most lethal scorers in #2 Michael Deloach for the Spartans.  Deloach comes into tonight’s game as the conference’s 2nd leading scorer (20.7 ppg).  We’ll see if the Rattlers have an answer for him.


The game has started and it might be a long night.  For the Rattlers, three possessions, three turnovers.

0-8 Spartans

*Rattlers’ starting five: Chris Walker, Rasheem Jenkins, Brandon Bryant, Yannick Crowder and Larry Jackson


The Rattlers have fought back and decided to slow the Spartans down.  Larry Jackson just sank two free throws to help narrow the lead.

9-12 Spartans


Cecil Bent just brought some life into the gym after a nice dunk on a fast break, Rasheem Jenkins gave him a great dish to set the play up.  There has also been an Amin Stevens sighting.  The freshman forward just gave the Rattlers the first lead of the game off of a tipped in basket.

22-21 Rattlers


It’s been a pretty sloppy game for the Rattlers.  They keep making turnover after turnover, but somehow, they’re still tied with Norfolk State.  On the defensive end, they’re letting the Spartans get anywhere they want to on the floor.  The Spartans are having no problem entering the ball in the post or penetrating either.  Hopefully the Rattlers can keep their hands up and force some turnovers, instead of committing them.

25-25 tied up


We’ve reached halftime.  Stats from the first half will be posted as soon as they become available.

29-29 tied up


A quick look at the stat sheet:

For the Rattlers, Chris Walker is the leading scorer of the first half with 15 points and Larry Jackson has chipped in nine.  Both teams are struggling to maintain possession, the Rattlers have nine turnovers and the Spartans have committed eight.  For the Spartans, Deloach has 11 points.  The second half will begin momentarily.


Its the first time out of the half and the Rattlers have only scored a point.  The Spartans haven’t pulled away, but FAMU could definitely use some defensive stops.

30-36 Spartans


The Spartans have put together a 23-13 run in the first portion of the second half.  The Rattlers are now down by 10 with eight minutes left to pay.

42-52 Spartans 


Not too much has changed since the last post.  It’s been going back and forth, back and forth, like a see-saw.  The Rattlers are still trying to claw back into this one, but they’ve got their work cut out for them.

51-60 Spartans


Basketball 101:  Make your free throws.  Issac Brown just earned a trip to the line for three freebies and he only made two of them.  Its hard to make a comeback when you leave points on the line.

56-65 Spartans


It’s never a good sign to see fans heading for the exit, but this one looks like it is over.  FAMU is down by 12 with 50 seconds to go.

62-74 Spartans


Game over.  The Rattlers just lost to the Norfolk State Spartans.  With the loss, the Rattlers fall to 1-2 in the conference but there are plenty meaningful games left on the schedule.  We’ll see how the Rattlers rebound in the upcoming games (no pun intended).

65-78 Spartans