Armed robbery at FAMU Tuesday

Early Tuesday morning, FAMU Department of Public Safety officers responded to an alleged armed robbery that took place on campus near the School of Journalism and Graphic Communication on Orr Drive.

This is the university’s second armed robbery in the past few days.  A similar incident occurred Sunday.  Investigations Commander Lt. Angela Kirkland said officers “believe that the two are connected” because “both times the robberies involved three assailants and the victims were couples.”

According to Kirkland, FAMU DPS are on the lookout for the three suspects who were described as black males in dark clothes with a slender build between 5’7” and 5’9”.

Ashley Williams, 18, a first year pre-physical therapy student from Miami said security should be increased.  “I think they should have more security and cops.  It’s not well lit and there aren’t enough patrol officers,” Williams said.

Officers have tried to address these concerns by passing out flyers and sending text messages through e2Campus Alerts.  Until the suspects are identified, Kirkland advises students to stay indoors during the early morning hours, walk in groups, avoid remote areas that make them more susceptible to crime, and most importantly “if someone’s trying to take your property, please comply. It’s not worth getting hurt over.”

Anyone with information regarding either incident is urged to call the DPS at (850) 599-3256.