Online university forum successful

A  presidential forum was held through the FAMU Web site on Tuesday.

Students and faculty logged on to take part in the Presidential Forum.  University communications officials, Gregory Speights, Tawanda Green, Angel Suri and Pamela Tolson moderated the forum. 

Throughout the day, Rattlers were able to post questions to an online message board, and Florida A&M President James Ammons, answered those questions.  The message board was split up into 18 categories such as academics, athletics, financial aid and parking.

Under the topic of academics, a student registered as ‘denzel1.stewart’ asked for an update on a possible College of Dentistry as well as a new college for Veterinary Medicine due to the lack of black people in the field. 

“The process is going well for the establishment of a College of Dentistry,” Ammons said. “Additional new programs will be considered as a part of the strategic planning process.”

However, Ammons said, the university implemented in the fall 2008 a tract in veterinary technology in CESTA which could position the university to implement the doctor of veterinary medicine at the appropriate time.

With some questions, Ammons solicited the help of Teresa Hardee, vice president for administrative and financial services and Roland Gaines, vice president of Student Affairs.

Douglass Carrington, head swimming coach at FAMU, asked about the plans for the two swimming pools.

“Any timelines on fundraising, analysis and design?” Carrington asked. “Also what are the best ways that those interested in having a facility can aid in process?”

Ammons passed the question to Hardee.

“The teaching pool is expected to be refurbished by fall 2010,” Hardee said. “We are awaiting funds for the repair Olympic pool.”

One student received immediate help with his financial aid situation.   Under the topic of student accounts, a student registered as’ jeremiah1.wadley’ informed president Ammons he had yet to receive the stipend from his Life Gets Better Scholarship.

“The semester is almost over, so I was just wondering in detail what this review is and why the delay in receiving every package of our scholarship for the fall 2009 semester has taken so long,” said the student.

Gaines responded promptly with an answer.

“Mrs. O’Neal has been working on your stipend and has made me aware of the issue,” Gaines said. “The Fin Aid Office has assured me that you will receive your stipend on Monday. I am sorry it was not sent to you earlier.”

For questions that could not be answered right away, Ammons assured those questions will be answered within 48 hours.