Florida State hosts first homecoming fashion show

Students, faculty and homecoming patrons filed into the Union Ballrooms at Florida State University for their first ever homecoming fashion show.

The show was the idea of Edwin Mackey, founder and director of the “Affinity.” The show titled, “The History Book: Pages of Fashion,” was an illustration of the landmark event.

“This is historical,” Mackey said. “It is history in the making.”

Many students were excited to share in the experience.

“I’m very impressed,” said Altreneasha Ervin, 20, a fourth-year FSU sociology student from Miami.

Ervin said the show plays a big part in showing how anything is possible and the importance of leaving your mark.

“I think he did a great job setting a foundation for an annual show,” Ervin said.
Mackey has been working on a fashion show of this capacity for years.

“I said I was going to be the first person to do it,” Mackey said.

He was inspired to start the fashion show years ago while participating in the FAMU homecoming fashion show as a student at Tallahassee Community College.

“I thought we have the majors and talent here, why aren’t we doing this?” Mackey said.

Mackey begun plans for the fashion show last year. With support and dedication to the cause, it grew into more than just an organization putting on a show.

The show featured several styles of clothing throughout history and even an all female pink chapter scene in recognition of breast cancer awareness month that was sealed with kisses.

Lance Tribble, 20, third-year FAMU architecture student from Miami, enjoyed the show.

“It was good, especially for the first [show],” Tribble said. “It was very innovative to take on something like this.”

Many spectators admired the show’s format, setting and modern-like qualities.

The fashion show co-sponsored by the Student Government Association at Florida State.

“It was the first event of its’ kind and magnitude to gain so much support from the school,” Mackey said.

Additional support came from sponsors including Aveda, MAC cosmetics and the FSU Black Student Union. Faculty from the FSU School of Textiles and Consumer Science supported the event as well.

The show consisted of more than 40 models, designers and stylists, many which are members of “The Affinity,” not to be called a modeling troupe.

“The easiest way to describe ‘Affinity’ is as student run talent agency,” Mackey said.

Mackey said he started “Affinity” in fall 2008 because he felt a lot of students had talent but did not know how to best market themselves.

Mackey has been designing clothes for nine years. He used his connections and experience in the fashion industry to build the “Affinity.” He said the organization is a way for its members to be creative and have fun.

Like with the “Affinity,” Mackey is determined to make changes. During the show male models sported t-shirts reading, “On this day, we make history.”

Mackey and supporters hope to see the fashion show grow bigger and better in the years to come.

“This has been a very big dream of mine,” said Mackey as he exited the runway.