20 Questions: Post Homecoming Edition

1.   Did all the fights during homecoming embarrass you?

2. The Rattlers finally broke their losing streak. Aren’t you glad?

3.   Did you see Rick Ross at the BET College Tour? Didn’t he look smaller than on TV?

4.   In the end did homecoming week live up to your expectations?

5.   Were you shocked to see the headliners actually HEADLINED at the concert?

6.   Lots of parties this weekend. Was it worth it?

7.   Who did you think would win the Greek Step show?

8.  The verdict is in. Rapper Lil Wayne has pled guilty to gun charges. Shocked?

9.   Aren’t you glad to see Rihanna actually working again on music?  Isn’t it ironic she and Chris Brown have a single out at the same time?

10.  Is Rihanna a swagger jacker? Apparently, she copying some folks looks.

11.  Soulja Boy is locking his hair, do we like it?

12.   Did you donate $5 this weekend by texting 50555?

13.   Do you have your ticket to go see Michael Jackson’s, “This Is It” movie?

14.  Did it seem like there were more people outside than inside Bragg Stadium on Saturday?

15.  Did you see Plies and Ace Hood at the football game?

16. What did you think of the Marching “100’s” and alumni’s halftime performance?

17.   Are you excited about Alicia Keys’ new album?

18.   What’s going on with 50 Cent and UK singer, Jamelia? Wasn’t he dating Ciara?

19.     Did you enjoy alumni this weekend?

20.  Are you following @TheFamuan on Twitter yet?

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