LeBron James makes big screen debut in documentary

LeBron “King” James is known for his powerful dunks, camera worthy crossover and overall dominance on the court.

But the Cleveland Cavaliers’ star is temporarily trading in his basketball jersey and Jordans for a movie script in his chance to shine on the big screen.

“More than a Game”, is a documentary chronicling James and his teammate’s journey to winning their high school championship at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in Akron, Ohio.According to nba.com, the mastermind behind the film is Kristopher Belman, a film student during James’ high school years. As a part of a college assignment, Belman began filming the talented high school team unknowingly capturing valuable footage of the soon-to-be basketball phenomenon, James.

The movie was released today in select theaters; excited basketball fans are anticipating a great show.

“Lebron James came in and changed the [dynamics of the] game, and now we get to see that work ethic, and the bond that he had with his teammates before we even knew who he was,” said Jamal Moore, 20, a third-year criminal justice student from Miami. “The movie is going to be one to remember.”

James’ appeal to fans like Michael Moore makes the documentary a likely hit in the box office. Michael Moore’s, “Fahrenheit 911” grossed almost $120 million, making it the most successful documentary in movie history.

Lion Gate Entertainment is known for their success in promoting documentaries. The company picked up the distribution rights for “More than a Game.”

The movie is projected to do just as well in the box office slightly because of its endorsement from big name sponsors.

According to cavs.com, Web site for Cavaliers’ fans, insurance agency State Farm released a commercial titled, “Memories” in order to promote the movie. Additional endorsements include the National Basketball Association, Coca-Cola and Nike.

“I think the movie is going to be a huge success. It’s already LeBron James, plus the promotions are going to make everyone want to go and see the film. I will probably watch the movie after all of the die- hard ESPN watchers are done,” said Nicole Mouton, 20, a third-year psychology student from Melbourne.

“Shooting Stars”, a book written by Buss Bizinger, with the help of James, will be released in sync with the movie.

According to nba.com, both “More than a Game” and “Shooting Stars” provide value for your dollar, and keep you watching or turning the page even if you know what’s going to happen next.

The movie also features never before seen clips of a young, yet powerful James. The book hosts more details about his personal life and relationship with his fellow players.

“I think that this is Lebron’s chance to become an even bigger celebrity. Now he’s a like a movie star,” Mouton said.