Flu risks taken too lightly


The presence of influenza in America today is becoming mundane. 

People aren’t taking the flu seriously anymore.  

Coughing, sneezing and itchy throats are ignored. 

Certain individuals should be more concerned with the flu and its symptoms. 

According to The Associated Press heart patients who catch the flu may have more to worry about than just a fever or the sniffles: the virus could also spark a heart attack. 

Every 34 seconds a person in the United States dies from heart disease according to www.mamashealth.com.  

And only about one-third of heart patients get vaccinated. 

This is far from okay. 

Heart conditions are prominent in the American culture, and having the flu only makes heart problems worse. 

The Associated Press noted that British researchers analyzed 39 previous studies of heart disease and found a consistent link between the flu and heart attacks. 

Experts agree that it is imperative that heart patients receive vaccination for the swine flu and the regular flu. 

Not only will patients avoid catching the flu, being vaccinated can ultimately save their lives.

Complications such as this should be just important to young people as they are to elders.

 The American Heart Association says about one million Americans alive today have congenital cardiovascular defect – and a high percentage of this number are children.

 Students at FAMU should take their health seriously and take the necessary precautions to protect themselves.

                  0.Illnesses that many consider minor have taken several lives.

 Kwamae Simpkins for the Editorial Board.