20 Questions on the Hill

1.     Didn’t the Marching “100” absolutely kill it at the Atlanta Classic?

2.     Is there any historical accuracy to the stories “Soul Train” generates?

3.     Why can’t financial aid distribute scholarships in a timely fashion? Hasn’t a month passed since school started?

4.     Why are some guys so against/afraid of Tyler Perry flicks?

5.     So Oprah disses Ludacris a few years ago for spitting disrespectful lyrics, but she raps with Jay-Z on the coach of her show. Doesn’t that smell like a contradiction?

6.     Is Amber Rose really pregnant?

7.     Is it safe to say Tallahassee was a lot less crowded this weekend?

8.     So there’s water on the Moon now?

9.     Is anyone excited about “The Game” possibly returning?

10.   Why does LL Cool J have on so much make-up on “NCIS: Los Angeles?” And why has he barely aged in the last 20 years?

11.   Are Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian really getting married?

12.   Who’s better: Kid Cudi, Drake or Wale?

13.   Isn’t “Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University” just a mouth full? Thank goodness for acronyms.

14.   What’s the point of Twitter if updates aren’t sent straight to your phone?

15.   For it to be fall, isn’t it still remarkably hot outside?

16.   Where is OutKast?

17.   What happened to Eminem? He’s more angry than usual.

18.   How many more days until T.I.’s release? Tiny just doesn’t fill the void.

19.   “Lol :-).” “5 Star Chick.” What happened to real content in music lyrics?

20.   Are you following TheFamuan on Twitter?