Debtor turns to arson

Nancy Moore, a wealthy woman living in Boston, was charged with arson after burning her $1.4 million house down.

According to CNN, she used gas-soaked rags to start the fire and then parked her car in the narrow driveway leading up to the house so emergency vehicles couldn’t pass through.
Once fire officials got into the house they saw valuables, including jewelry and photos of her family.

It was said that Moore is divorced from her ex-husband and the house has been on the market for sale for more than a year. The price was even lowered in an effort to get it off her hands.

So why would she burn down a million dollar home? Was she missing the essentials and pleasantries of life? Was she lonely and afraid?

Maybe she was having an Angela Bassett moment from “Waiting to Exhale.” Maybe she was fed up with what her life had become. 

Sounds like a woman scorned to me. Women sometimes let their emotions get the best of them and act irrationally. I think in an effort to get rid of the sleepless nights and haunting pain, she burned her house down along with the memories that went with it. Essentially, she set her past on fire to begin anew. 

Her justification was that she was “sick of this house.”

The deeper message behind that is unknown. Who knows what was truly going through her head as she torched her home?
I guess she’s finally free of whatever was troubling her soul. Maybe money really doesn’t buy happiness.

Skyy Sandifer for the editorial board.