Maximize your wardrobe to stay in style

The recession is taking a toll on students who want to stay fashionable in these trying times. Staying in style does not have to break the wallet.

Some stores, like Ross, offer up to 60 percent off department store prices.  Ross carries an abundance of brand name apparel and shoes for women, men and kids, as well as accessories and home décor.  

Shopping at stores that offer big discounts is a smart way to spend frugally while still keeping up with the latest trends.

Chelsea Herron, 20, a psychology student from Houston, frequently shops at trendy stores in town. 

“When shopping on a budget, I always go to places like Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and Country Dollar,” said Herron. “[Country Dollar is] a little accessories shop off of Apalachee Parkway that sells everything for a dollar.”

These stores offer trendy clothes and accessories for a lower price than most department stores.

Herron also shops online frequently.

 “Since every other college female in Tallahassee shops at the same places, it is always beneficial to shop online,” said Herron.  “I recommend getting familiar with your body size to know what can and cannot fit you so you won’t return so many items.”

Kelvin Williams, 21, a senior construction-engineering student from Miami, opts to limit his shopping with his student income. 

“It’s about using your resources; mixing and matching the clothing you do have, and instead of purchasing outfits, purchase items and signature pieces,” Williams said.

Herron also said that if students do not have a large amount of clothes, people should mix and match pieces to create the illusion of having a lot of clothes. 

“I try not to wear the same pieces together or exactly how I’ve worn them before,” she said.  “For example, I have a gray, flow-y blouse and today I wore it off the shoulder and I received a lot of compliments as if I’ve never worn the shirt before.”

Having good shopping skills can play a major role in how great your wardrobe is. 

According to, stores get busier as the day goes on, so shop as close to opening time as possible to avoid competition among other potential customers.

 The website also recommends visiting stores often to find the best deals.  Some stores get shipments multiple times a week so you could be missing out on that perfect item if you only shop on the weekends.

Your style can speak volumes about your personality.  Williams believes everyone should make a special effort to look presentable.

“Focus on haircuts, good hygiene, and clothes that fit and reflect your personal style,” said Williams. “I’m not saying you should house your own fashion show everyday, but looking presentable can carry you a long way.”