Job still taken for granted despite recession

    Imagine losing a job while this country is still in the midst of a recession?

    Although jobs rarely come by easily, people are still managing to lose them through careless acts.
     Recently CNN reported, “Two George Washington Bridge security guards photographed sleeping on the job have been fired, according to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.”

    No one is perfect.  But many people consider their safety to be a number one priority.

    The man who provided the photos, Joey Lepore, is one of those people.

    “If there’s two people on this bridge who don’t care about my safety and the safety of anybody who comes over this bridge, then I really don’t have an obligation to withhold what I have,” Lepore told CNN.

    Lepore is a bicycle commuter that travels from New York to New Jersey daily.  Lepore witnessed the same security guard sleeping at his post on three different occasions and on the third time Lepore said, “…that’s it,” said the CNN report.

    It is unfortunate that these two security guards lost their jobs, but surely there are tons of other people who would greatly appreciate it.

    Technology is becoming more prevalent in today’s society.

    Digital devices such as cameras and high-tech cell phones have made personal privacy a thing of the past. No one can ever be sure if they’re being watched, even when they are taking part in something so peaceful as sleeping.

    Lepore could have exposed the security guards for a number of reasons. Hopefully his intentions were to demonstrate how public safety is not taken seriously and that people are still taking their jobs for granted.

Kwamae Simpkins for the Editorial Board.