Being young has its perks when looking for careers

At the peak of their collegiate careers, anxiety and excitement run through the veins of thousands of Rattlers preparing to embark on a life-long journey—the real world.

But even after four years of taking classes you never thought you needed and countless nights of staying up to write three research papers, many students still do not feel prepared.

Even in the most critical moments of our economic condition, there is at least one industry that has not seen a decline. Some call it the “naked hustle” and some call it  “just plain nasty,” but no matter what you call it, the sex industry is still collecting revenue.

Although many companies are on a hiring freeze, you don’t have to enroll in Art of the Catwalk to make a few extra dollars.

Once you walk across the stage you are now competing with the millions of unemployed. One thing that college students and soon-to-be college graduates have in our favor, is our youth.

A company is more likely to higher us, not only because of our skills, but because they do not have to pay us the same salary as someone with more than 20 years of experience in the field. I am not saying we should settle for less than $30,000 a year, I am encouraging you to work harder because you will have competition.

It is important that we learn early the importance of marketing ourselves according to our respected fields.

Not finding a job immediately after graduation is another sad reality that many of us may face but it doesn’t mean that your only option is to baby-sit your younger siblings and watch TV all day. That is not an option. Put yourself to work. Use the extra time to build your portfolio and sharpen your skills. You can order free business cards online using sites like

It’s perfectly okay to work for free if you are working for yourself. It is important that we understand the importance of maximizing every opportunity we have to showcase our talents.

Most importantly, you have to know your value. Your steps have already been ordered.

Know that you deserve the best and that you are destined for greatness!