School of Business offers a new master’s program

The School of  Business and Industry will offer a three-semester version of its popular master’s of business administration program beginning this fall.

Rose Henderson, student services coordinator of SBI, said it would be as if  a student is completing two years of course work in three semesters.

The admission committee is still working to get it finalized.

This program will be open to students from any major.

“The program has already been approved; we just have to publicize it,” said O’Hara Hannah, recruitment and admission coordinator of SBI.

Hannah said it’s based on an admission formula that must equal 1,100 points.

To qualify for the fast track program, students can calculate the number of points required by taking their grade point average for the last two years in undergraduate studies and multiply it by 200, and then add the score of the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT).

“We’ve had a one-year program before and then we went to the two-year program,” said Hannah, who added that fellowship/assistantship for tuition will be available to cover in-state fees.

Jarrell Murphy, 21, said he had not planned to pursue his master’s, but if SBI adds this program, he will definitely reconsider.

“I hope SBI can get it together,” said Murphy, a fourth-year business administration student from Jacksonville.  “I just heard from a friend last week they were thinking of doing that.”

SBI will continue its five-year M.B.A. program, which allows a student to purse their master’s degree upon entering the university as a freshman.

SBI is planning to have a seminar on the three-semester program, but the dates have not yet been established.

For more information on the program and seminar contact O’Hara Hannah at (850) 412-7204 or visit