Sitting down with Mike

Q:  What does the word success mean to you?

A: Success to me is overcoming any obstacles that may be in my way to obtain any of the long-term goals I have set for myself and handling every situation in a positive respectable way.

Q:  How far would you go to be successful?

A:  I would go above and beyond to be successful because I was once told “show me a man who has never failed and I will show you a man who has no chance at success,” said Joe Taylor FAMU head football coach.

Q:  If you weren’t playing football what other sport would you be playing and why?

A: If I wasn’t playing football I think I would more then likely play basketball. I think I am o.k. at the sport for the little time and effort I’ve put into it now. If football weren’t in the picture I would have dedicated more time and effort to basketball coming up as a child.
Q:  Name a few songs that you listen to on your I-pod on game day?

A: You Don’t Know My Struggle (Lil Boosie), Standing Ovation (Young Jeezy), Together We Made It (Busta Rhymes) Never Could Have Made It (Marvin Sapp), No Weapon (Fred Hammond)
Q:  What went through your mind the first time you took your first game day snap as a Rattler?

A: I was extremely nervous and didn’t want to mess up but the only good thing was it wasn’t a home game. It was at South Carolina State.

 Q:  What separates you from being like everyone else?

A: My background, my life story. I think everyone has there own story or struggles or whatever one may choose to call them. I think those events make people who they are.  When one looks at me, he or she may see a happy individual but on the inside like everyone else I am fighting battles everyday.
Q:  If you were stranded on an island what 3 things would you have with you?

A: Water, bread, and a bible.

Q:  What word best describes you and why?

A: A leader. I feel as if a leader is someone who not only cares about him or herself but those around him or her.  A leader is someone who leads by actions and also knows when to speak up and be vocal. A leader is someone who is organized and has goals so he or she knows where one is going in life.  A leader is a person who stands for something because if not they will fall for anything. I think that sums up the person I am.

Q:  If you had to wear a different number other than #8 what would it be?

A: The # 1 I think the number 1 is a symbol of being first or the best.  “If you are number 2 that means you’re the first loser,” quote Joe Taylor FAMU head football coach

Q: What are your plans after graduation?

A: I hope to get accepted into the grad school of my choice and obtain a master degree in the field of accounting.

Q:  If you didn’t come to FAMU what other university would you have attended?

A: I think I would have attended the university of Marshall.

Q:  What does the word swagger mean to you?

A: The word Swagger means a high level of self-confidence

Q:  Beyonce Knowles or Alicia Keys?

A: Alicia Keys

Q:  Who’s your favorite rapper and why do you like their music?

A: I think T.I. brings the best of both worlds and he knows what its like to grow up in an environment where a person has to watch his or her every move.  I feel like he knows what it’s like to be a celebrity and his vocabulary is very impressive.

Q:  Who’s offense do you like the best The Patriots or The Steelers and why?

A: The Patriots. I think they have a very strong run-pass game and I feel as if that is the offense I would best fit in if I had the opportunity.