All missing children need coverage

Nancy Grace, CNN’s television host for the self-titled headline news analysis program, has gained a massive amount of attention for the recent kidnapping cases she has covered on her show.

On her show she expresses her deep concern for the victims in these cases. 

Grace takes her job seriously and if anyone says anything without proof, or if it just doesn’t make sense to her, she says exactly how she feels no holds barred.

It is great that she spends time on her show to search for missing kids, but do the cases have to be so similar?

As a frequent viewer of “The Nancy Grace Show,” I have noticed some of these similarities.

Both 2-year-old Caylee Anthony and 5-year-old Heyleigh Cummings are from central Florida.

They are both little Caucasian girls. 

And what is even stranger is that their names rhyme.

Although Grace is very dedicated to the subjects on her show, picking two girls who are extremely similar demonstrates a bit of tunnel vision.

Maybe Grace’s choice for the second little girl, Heyleigh, was a strategy to keep the viewers she previously had. 

But, surely there are plenty of other young children in America missing from home.

Each time I enter Wal-Mart I notice a new set of children posted on the wall. 

These children range from many ages and are a variety of colors.

If Grace fails to recognize these children neither will America. 

All missing cases share a common goal, which is to reunite the child with their parents.

Kwamae Simpkins for the Editorial Board.