Pole brings new form of exercise

Women can now discover an alternative to regular exercising with pole fitness at the dance studio, The Art of the Catwalk. This workout incorporates gymnastics, ballet, and modern dance moves to create a full upper body workout. 

Fitness trainers said many women are not enthused about exercising, but pole fitness can change their perception. 

“Surveys show that a lot of women don’t work out as often as they should because they believe it to be boring,” said Jessica McKinsey, a fitness instructor at Gainesville Health and Fitness Center.  “Pole fitness is a way to get women excited about working out and more comfortable with their bodies.”

McKinsey said that aside from someone strutting their stuff around the pole, they can gain a total body workout. 

Pole fitness is an excellent way to build upper body strength while toning.
Many women have already tried pole fitness and have decided to integrate it into their workout routine.

“The morning after my first workout class, I woke up and was completely sore,” Marissa Ochoa, a third-year nursing student at Florida State University said.  “I am a pretty strong female, but that pole gave me a run for my money.”

Although this form of exercise has increased in popularity, it also has a taboo associated with it. 

Students like Myiah Harrison consider it to be degrading to women and reminiscent of dancers in strip clubs. 

“I feel like people are just finding a reason to slowly make stripping more acceptable,” said Harrison, a second-year business administration student from Corpus Christie, Texas. “You would never catch me in a pole dancing class.”

Others consider pole fitness to be merely another form of working out.  One member of the Florida A&M University’s women’s track team believes any exercise is good exercise.

“Exercising is important, so however someone has to get the job done, so be it,” said Whitney Young, a fourth-year business administration student.

The Art of the Catwalk studio especially offers pole dancing aerobics.  They also offer an array of alternative classes including cabaret, chair dancing and belly dancing.  

The Art of the Catwalk is located at 624 West Tennessee St. For more information on pole fitness and how to take a class, call 850-309-7653.