Economy in California continues to shrivel up

Economic woes are really turning out to be a way of life. Just ask Arnold Schwarzenegger, California’s governor, who recently declared a state emergency due to a severe drought.

According to reports on, Schwarzenegger believes that farm losses in the upcoming season could possibly reach $2 billion.

Furthermore, the governor said that total economic losses in 2009 could be $3 billion. Bummer.

Perhaps money really doesn’t grow on trees – at least not in California.

Nevertheless, there is a little light at the end of the tunnel.

Recent storms have helped bring the rain total to a 87 percent average, which isn’t bad considering it is out of 100.

However, is it enough to put an end to a drought?

The new crisis has now caused workers in California’s agricultural industry to become unemployed, which now means that even more people in the nation are without jobs.


But it gets even worse. With unemployment reaching an all time high, California farmers have said the drought will cause the prices of fruits and vegetable items to go up.

In order to keep manufacturing the foods, farmers are going to have to use expensive well water.

“Water is our life — it’s our jobs and it’s our food,” said Ryan Jacobsen, executive director of the farm bureau in California’s Fresno County. “Without a reliable water supply, Fresno County’s No. 1 employer — agriculture — is at great risk.”

Hopefully the drought will come to an end soon. After all, the economy is in bad enough shape as is.
Jay Christie for the Editorial Board