Q & A with B.O.B

The Famuan had the chance to sit down with up and coming rapper Bobby Simmons, better known as “B.O.B.”  B.O.B is currently signed with Atlantic records and has been described by XXL magazine as part of the “Hip-hop class of ’09.”

Q: What is your inspiration?
A:  “I think inspiration is something that you tap into.  [A person] can inspire you, but you have to look to yourself to find creativity.  I try and stay creative; I’m experimental and always changing.  I don’t think I’ve hit my peak yet.”

Q: What are your goals after the music industry?
A: “I think I’ll always be doing something in the music industry. Whether it’s rapping or producing music. [It] is something I want to be around.” 

Q: What about acting? Are you taking any steps toward that?
A: “Well I’ve taken a few acting classes. I wouldn’t mind starring in a movie in a comedy role.  Doing comedy on screen is hard though.  You could be a really funny guy in real life and then it doesn’t work on screen.  It’s a lot of work.”