Students reminisce on dates


“My girlfriend went all out for me on Valentine’s Day. She picked me up from work and took

me to her house so we could change and get ready to go out. We went to the typical

places, dinner and a movie, and I thought that was the end of the night. When we got to

my place and I opened my room door, there were rose petals everywhere and a big heart

made with them on the bed. In the middle of the heart were chocolates and a watch she

bought me. As I walked to the bathroom there was water in the tub, candles around it and

rose peddles floating in the water. I felt like the luckiest guy in the world.”

-Drew Cannon

“My most creative date was planned on a rooftop. When she asked me out I thought it

would be the typical dinner and a movie. We pulled up to a tall building and she said,

‘We’re here.’ My mind wandered as I asked myself ‘Where am I?’ She blindfolded me,

took my hand and led me to the most beautiful scene I have ever seen. It was a rooftop

dinner filled with sweet pink tea roses and the aroma was like a fantasy. I found this date to

be the most creative and it was totally unexpected. We ate my favorite meal, shrimp

Parmesan pasta with garlic bread, and I tasted champagne for the first time.”

-De’Angelo Bolden



“We decided to go to the movies, which we were already 20 minutes late for. As I was

walking to get my boyfriend some popcorn I slipped and fell on the girl in front of me.  After

the movie, we stopped at Walgreen’s before going home. I was letting my boyfriend drive

because I was tired and as we were about to drive off he pulled my gear handle off and we

couldn’t get the car out of park. We were stuck in the parking lot for an hour and 30

minutes, at 1 o’clock a.m.”

-Shay Simpkins


“My hell date was when I went out with a dude who basically couldn’t stop drooling out of

his mouth and his breath smelled like old onions.  Then he was the type who wanted to talk

to you face-to-face, real close up. When I told him to give me ‘50 feet’ he got offended, I

guess he thought I was criticizing him because of his breath, and he left crying.”

-Tia Daley


“The worst date I have been on was at someone’s house. Even though I was totally aware

of the environment I still tried to be open-minded.  While we were watching a movie in the

front room, my date’s baby brother came and used the bathroom on the floor and it

smelled terrible. I didn’t want to say anything but before I could play it cool, she farted. I

almost lost my mind! So I told her I was kind of hungry thinking we would leave and get a

bite to eat, when she went in the kitchen and made us homemade grilled cheese

sandwiches and they were nasty! Ugh! That was my HELL DATE!”

– De’Angelo Bolden